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The mission of Brown’s Corner is to provide students in Chester and Lancaster Counties the myriad tools necessary to succeed in their adult lives.  Brown’s Corner will work with middle and high school aged students (and their families) with an emphasis on 1) college preparation and access, 2) financial literacy and 3) increased parental and family engagement in the realm of academics.  In speaking with Brown’s Corner’s founder, as well as school leaders, parents, business owners, and law enforcement officials, we have learned that there is great room for improvement in the three areas aforementioned.

Firstly, there is an astounding dearth of information given to middle and high school aged students on opportunities for college preparation, access and scholarships.   This trend holds true across socio-economic lines but hits students from low-income homes and those with parents whom did not go to college the hardest.  Brown’s Corner is vetting national programs that partner with schools and organizations to prepare students for entrance exams, help families fill out all necessary local and federal forms, search colleges and universities that are a good match and secure funding through scholarships and loans.

Secondly, in students from low-income households there is a fair amount of financial illiteracy.  A goal of Brown’s Corner is to increase the number of “banked” citizens in Lancaster and Chester counties.  Students (and their families) will learn how to deposit and withdrawal money, save, write checks and take control of their finances.  To do this, Brown’s Corner has created a partnership with Founders Credit Union.

Thirdly, By all accounts there is a lack of parental engagement in the academic lives of their high school aged students.  While families may be present for sporting events, there is little participation in the area of academics.  Brown’s Corner will work within comfort levels, schedules and obstacles of families to ensure they too are receiving the financial literacy and college preparation information being disseminated to their children.  The celebrity of Sheldon Brown and some of his NFL colleagues will help with leverage in this area as will our commitment to making this a priority.