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Financial Literacy

Brown’s Corner is partnering with Founders Federal Credit Union to create a unique financial literacy program for the Brown’s Corner participants and their families.  Brown’s Corner follows the GAO and the President’s Advisory Council definition on Financial Literacy: “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.”  Brown’s Corner students will accomplish many financial literacy goals as they progress through the program.  These include;

  • Financial and money management basics;
  • An understanding of financial institutions and their efficacy;
  • Effective tools and techniques to save money;
  • Access to financial resources and professionals;
  • Financial goal setting and planning;
  • Confidence and trust with their own personal finances.

 College Preparation

Brown’s Corner understands the barriers, pressures and expectations that come with a student’s post-high school plans.   Brown’s Corner aims to help each student find a post secondary school that is the right fit for them academically, socially and financially.  Student’s will be helped along the way with a multitude of college preparatory counseling.  These include;

  • Selecting and enrolling in the proper High School classes;
  • Tools, techniques and tutors to excel on College Entrance Exams;
  • Help in the identification of applicable scholarships;
  • An understanding of the financial commitment and planning for college;
  • Exposure to colleges in the region, including field trips, college fairs and access to counselors;
  • Help with the application process;
  • Continued mentoring once the student graduates high school;
  • One on one guidance for each student,

 Parental Engagement

Brown’s Corner understands the importance of the relationships between parents, students, and their educational opportunities.  Our goal is to empower the parents to be active agents in their students’ future.  Parents and guardians hold the most unique perspective due to their lifelong relationship with their child.  Research shows that engaged families are essential to improving the quality of education.  We are committed to working with students and their families in a flexible and encouraging way to help increase the level of access and awareness for all stakeholders.  Brown’s Corner aims to;

  • Empower parents to be active in their child’s’ education and future;
  • Give the resources for parents to lead in college planning;
  • Provide access to important financial planning tools, techniques and professionals;
  • Create a positive community where parents are respected for the perspective and experience that only they have.